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Ze Frank: Lets build a social network for two

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Ze frank:

Let’s join a social network build just for two,
Maybe you could invite me and I could invite you
We could lie about ages, customize all our pages
With falling letters that say I love you …

And we would be online all the time online all the time online all the time

Thanks Ze Frank, brilliant !

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12. Oktober 2007 um 15:18

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Barcamp MÜnchen – Danke

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Es war Barcamp in MÜnchen und wie immer war es die Fahrt wert. Nochmal danke an alle die eine Session gehalten haben in der ich war und an alle Gesprächspartner.
Was mir immer wieder auffällt ist das viele sich nicht trauen eine Session zu halten, wenn ich dazu komme werde ich versuchen einen kleinen Guide “Wie sehen Sessions aus und warum ich kein Ãœberexperte sein muss um eine Session zu halten” zu verfassen.

Meine Usability Session ( schnell und gÜnstig testen ) war wie in Frankfurt wieder vielbesucht, ich verspreche mir in Berlin einen größeren Raum zu suchen. Danke auch an Jan Böhme der m-pathy, ein sehr interessantes Mouse-Tracking Tool vorgestellt hat.

Social Experience Session

Das Feedback hat mich sehr gefreut, es war das erstemal das ich mit einigen der Konzepte mit denen ich gerade arbeite an die Öffentlichkeit gegangen bin. High Value und Low Value Content, Cliquen Effekte usw. sind alles Effekte und Konzepte die ich erst im letzten Jahr schrittweise formuliert habe. Ich hoffe das alles in den nächsten Monaten schrittweise in eine Form zu bringen die ich auch schriftlich präsentieren kann ( Blog, Artikel, Buch … mal sehen ). Das wird aber sicherlich einige Zeit dauern, bis dahin stehe ich natÜrlich zur VerfÜgung falls es noch Fragen gibt.

Ein besonderes Dankeschön an Cisco und alle anderen Sponsoren.

Partyservice in Erlangen, NÜrnberg, FÜrth

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9. Oktober 2007 um 09:23

Hidden problems

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This is almost exactly like my site, which somehow has become popular only in Iran, and now I can’t read anything anyone writes

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17. September 2007 um 11:11

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Why does every RSS application suck ?

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The problem with RSS Readers is the baggage they inherited from email applications.
Like any email application most readers have a two pane view and a counting system showing you your unread entries. This user interface makes sense when reading email.
I really need to know if there are new emails and filing them into different categories makes it easier to find older emails.
None of this makes sense when you are reading different kinds of articles partly from vague topic categories.

Imagine RSS Newspapers

Imagine if you would open a newspaper every morning and it would show you all the articles in one long column.
Of course there would be different columns ( on other pages ) for certain article categories like Politics, International and Dining.
At the top of your newspaper and every column would be a giant number screaming at you the current count of unread articles.
The newspaper would show new articles after you read the old ones. Your only way to scan for the most important articles of the day would be to read all articles and decide which were the most important articles.
To show the fundamental error in the User Experience just imagine your newspaper would arrive by email, every article would be one email and the emails would slowly trickle in in the course of the day.
Just to annoy you even more most journalists and editors at the particular newspaper would have conspired to write the most obscure headline telling you actually nothing about the article.

Well what I’m trying to say is this: RSS readers are broken, the developers forgot to include reading in their list of tasks.

Just take a look at Google Reader my favorite web based RSS reader.
The user experience is actually horrible, it has shortcuts to jump from one article to the next, how is this going to help me ?

This is not how the mind works when scanning large amounts of information. We scan for headlines and for patterns. We are pattern recognition animals. But the User Experience at Google Reader is one of jumping, look at an article and jump to the next one, decide if it is relevant and jump to next one. This is the same in every rss reading system I have seen it’s an experience of jumping and rapid decision making. That can be ok and it is a working model if you have only a small number of feeds. It becomes a problem with more than 50 new articles a day.
If you have large amounts of data your mind needs orientation, it needs space and it needs typography. This way information becomes scanable.
RSS could be the premier solution for the customized digital newspaper of the 21st century, but at the moment it’s just a way to centralize your email newsletter subscriptions.

Take a look at it features a new newspaper front every day. You will notice the difference in the information you can grasp in 5 seconds if you take a
look at this random screenshot of my google reader

Google Reader Screenshot

don’t forget to compare it to a quite old newspaper design, quite bad compared to todays newspaper designs but still

Newspaper Screenshot

If you are a developer and are working on a solution and you are in need of some ideas and advice or if you are looking for a partner I’m more than willing to help to solve my own RSS problems.

Geschrieben von Florian

8. September 2007 um 15:07

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