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May 14th, 22h47 Dearest friends of Gerhard, its done, Gerhard will be coming home on Thursday, 17th May by airplane. There will be a complete package of help and caring by doctors and assistants for him. More information will be given tommorrow, please stay tuned and think of him with all your love, so that he will be stable and in good condition for the flight. You all are so wonderful, thank you so much....

At this moment it seems like we have enough donations for the transport. But please if you can donate, it’s likely every donation will help, Gerhard will still need a lot of treatment and help when he is back in Germany.

At the moment the negotiations with the ambulande flight services are goign on, we all hope to fly Gerhard back next week ( depending on his condition).

If a flight is possible, somebody should fly to Teneriffe and accompany Gerhard ? Or maybe somebody from Teneriffe would fly to Germany with him ?

The German consul is going to visit Gerhard on Tuesday ... ?

We are expecting money from abroad and this will take some time, so please, if you could add your donations here so we know how much has been collected. [Andi]


Gerhard had a bycicle accident at the beginning of April, he has a spinal injury. He was found and afterwards brought to teneriffe with a helicopter.

Does anybody know more about the accident ? There could be insurance claims for Gerhard ( up to lifelong pensions ).

current situation

Gerhard is lying in the hospital “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria” Carretera del Rosario, on Teneriffa, in the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerif. He is stable but not able to move his legs or arms, but there seem to be some positive signs ( he is partly able to move his fingers )

Please don’t call the hospital with consultation, it’s not possible to talk to him at the moment ( no phone in the room ).

There is an offer from the German Car Club, 12.000€ and one from the Malteser Rescue Service 9900 € Condor is offering a stretcher flight for 7000€ ( Tenriffa- Munich ). We would have to send a physician by ourselves and transport him from the airport

A doctor flying with Medicall, is advising us on the offers and some basic questions.

Harald has asked for a DRK offer.

Anahi and Steffi were in the hospital today ( 12.5.). He is now visited by a nun regularly, Andi knows her personally. She is taking care of him and keeps us informed. Last night he had some fever. We hope he stays transportable. The current weather change to hot and dry is taking a toll. He eats very little, is very weak and sleeps ( partly because of the drugs ) a lot. We hope we have encouraged him a little to keep on, with all the greetings and the knowledge that we will bring him back soon. He was very happy about this. Tonight and Sunday a friend is staying with him. ( Steffi )

Since May, 17. he stays in a hospital in Germany. His postal adress: Gerhard Rauscher/Krankenhaus Hohe Warte/Hohe Warte 8/D 95445 Bayreuth /Station 5, Zimmer-Nr.211 (Armin)


Woo what a nice News we´ve got the money together to fly Gerhard Home to his Friends, but if you like you can still send us Money it will be for a very good Rehabilitation,Special Treatments and so on.I want to say already Thanks to everybody who helped us so far and a special Thanks for the People in TELGTE where my Family lives. + - Andy La Gomera.

Gerhard wants to be home in germany, but he has no travel insurance, there is a Banc Account for donations At the moment we have 3000 € + 445€

The Bank Account Number: 1060006081

The German Bank Number 763500 00


Holder: Christine Höfer-Kliesch

Please add your name to any transfer. If only parts of the money are needed we are going to return the rest. Please trust us.

If somebody has problems to transfer money I can add a paypal account with credit card options ( just ask here ).


Please add your name and donation if you transfer any money. This way we can sign a contract as soon as possible.


Christine Höfer-Kliesch Damaschkestraße 49 91056 Erlangen Telefon 09131 440397

Phone for Germany: 0049 9131 440397

Christa Peters oder mir oder Ricarda Dzifa

Please do not try to call the hospital, without consulting anybody, the physicians and nurses are already quite irritated.

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