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Write and build for humans

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…companies so lobotomized that they can’t speak in a recognizably human voice build sites that smell like death.

The Live Web


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26. September 2008 um 19:30

hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – voice controlled blender

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hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I want one.

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15. November 2007 um 10:20

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Google Spreadsheet – the GoogleLookup function

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This is the perfect example where we are heading, use any kind of data anywhere.

Google has integrated a Lookup Function that allows you to calculate with the return values of a specific search query

The GoogleLookup function attempts to answer your question using the web, with information about people, places and things, like the population of Japan, the mass of Jupiter, or the place of birth of Abraham Lincoln.

Keep in mind that, while the GoogleLookup function knows quite a bit, it doesn’t know everything. Not all of the formulas that you might try will work, but we encourage you to experiment wit

h the function and see what does work.



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26. Oktober 2007 um 12:03

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Next Generation User Interface – no verbs

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This struck me as a very interesting quote from Steve Jobs

There are no “verbs” in the iPhone interface, he said, alluding to the way a standard mouse or stylus system works. In those systems, users select an object, like a photo, and then separately select an action, or “verb,” to do something to it.

That is a very good way of thinking about next generation user interfaces, no verbs, just objects you can use.
Funnily the same happened with adventure games. In early adventures you always had an object and a verb, like “Use ‘Key’ on ‘door’ “. With time it simplified to dragging the key onto the door. Sometimes even just walking through the door ( your character is by now clever enough to try to use the key ) works.


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22. Oktober 2007 um 11:07

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