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Personal Tags – aggregate everything

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In the last years I have struggled with the problem of distributed content, I add articles,posts, comments and ratings on a plethora of different sites.

In the era of personal publishing everything you publish, even if it is just a comment on a blog post adds to your reach and your personal sphere of influence, it increases your reputation.

My problem is how to aggregate everything I publish easily. I tried various ways to do this. For comments there are services like disqus but sadly only a few sites actually integrate it, Facebook and Friendfeed are partly an answer to it but even with them I can only add sites where I have an account ( or that allow me to use my facebook account) or a public RSS Feed is available.

At the end, all of these services only work with some sites, the only global services that work on every site are search engines.

So I’m now trying to aggregate everything I publish with google.

For this I created my personal tag, it’s a unique string I will add to every kind of content I publish anywhere on the internet.
And Google will do the rest.

My Personal Tag is: #ptfjib80
# – as identifier of a tag
pt – personal tag
fjib80 – as unique string

Google Search

It should work quite well.

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14. Januar 2010 um 11:34

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  1. Leif

    14. Jan 10 um 12:52

    So, this comment was made by you, then? ;)


  2. Florian

    14. Jan 10 um 13:01

    :-) obviously in this simple way this can’t be a verification system, but verification could be possible.
    I could easily add a site where all comments are aggregated and I just verify them by hand with one click.

    But the verification problem is in a way not a real problem. Who verifies comment authors at the moment? There are several comments where somebody has wrongly identified himself as “Florian Bailey” :-)

  3. August Lilleaas

    14. Jan 10 um 13:10

    Is this where I sign up for an unique ID? =P


  4. Charmgene

    14. Jan 10 um 14:43

    Great idea. I see some other potential usages:

    1) To notify the owner of the tag. Say, your friends wrote a comment on some website which you might never come across and wants to share it with you, then she/he just needs to add your tag there, instead of directly tell you.. Just like CC in Email or “@”replies on Twitter.

    2) To Spam. I have very confidence that before the adoption grows to main stream, spammers will move very quickly to add popular personal tags to their spams. So the personal tag system you suggest seems rather weak to spammers here.

    3) Keep the tag secret to fight spam? Will be a good idea. And I believe many user (if any) will adopt this strategy. But this strategy restrict the idea of personal tags from spreading. So, I expect low adoption rates of it.

    Anyway, it is a good idea for personal use, not be ideal for sharing.

  5. Might a better solution be to just sign your comments with your real name, assuming that your name is unique enough?

    For example,

    returns nothing. Although, presumably, it will return this post in the future.

    I’ve often thought about this — I think that a globally “unique” personal name is likely to be important in the future. One does not want to be confused.

    Alternatively, if someone has already laid claim to your name (e.g. they have the same name), you can invent a middle one for yourself, etc. You get the drift.

  6. Trevor Burnham

    14. Jan 10 um 16:30

    Curious that your Google search link includes “safe=off”; I would think you’d want to keep that on, in case someone were to play a prank on you by planting your identifier in one of the less savory corners of the web!

  7. Florian

    14. Jan 10 um 16:37

    @Trevor true, no idea how that happened

    @Joel Nathan McCracken Your results are just not that good since it will find every instance where your name is mentioned. But t it could work with a middle name good idea.

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