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After the acquisition: Microsoft the Web2.0 – Software as service – Giant

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If Microsoft succeeds with their bid for Yahoo the landscape will definitely change. Just consider the huge amount of social traffic Yahoo offers.
Tim O’Reilly has written and talked about his feeling that Microsofts term “Live Software” captures the essence of Web2.0 much better than his term does. Microsoft is slowly moving to integrate the “Software as Service” concept into their core strategy.

We are just a step away from Microsoft flickr integrated with your operating system, add your personal social bookmark manager Microsoft integrated with your IE bookmarks and Facebook integrated into your outlook contacts.

Interesting times…. looks like Google is the good guy again.


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1. Februar 2008 um 14:40

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  1. Jan

    8. Feb 08 um 05:49

    Hi, ich sammel gerade ein paar deutsche oder deutschsprachige IA/Usability/UX und so weiter… BLogs. Hab deinen gleich mal abonniert. GrÜße aus Berlin.

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