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Social Experience / Categorizing social web apps from a user perspective – Session Web2open Europe

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Nicole asked me to write something about the session I’m doing in Berlin. I did a session with the same title at the barcamp in Munich, but this session was more like a draft version of some ideas and concepts I’m currently working/playing with.

What do users want in any kind of social web app? What are their intentions?
How can you use those intentions to built something that is useful to other users?
How can my users become viral agents or why do they become viral agents?

I’m trying to categorize certain kinds of interactions between users and the different kinds of social apps, the use of this is an easier understanding where an app lacks functionality.
One of the key factors is the difference in content from the user perpective.
“Low Value User Generated Content” is content that is dependend on the user who creates it, my facebook profile has no value to somebody who has no connection to me.
“High Value User Generated Content” is not depended on a any kind of connection to the user, every wikipedia page can be useful even if I created it and you never met me.

I’m also going to use and expand a bit on the term “social objects” which Yuri Zengestrom wrote and talked about a lot in the last year.

This is all still “under construction” but I hope I can share some interesting insights and get some feedback.
See you in Berlin.

Some Keywords: sharing, mailable, intrinsic motivation, Real World Relevance, clique effects, why nobody sells his friends,



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